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25 June 2009 @ 01:08 am
An Unwarranted Sense of Importance, or How Cable Fixed the World [Marvel]  

Title: An Unwarranted Sense of Importance, Or How Cable Fixed the World

Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape, manner, or form, own the Marvel universe, or any and all characters said universe contains. ‘Cable and Deadpool’ is copyrighted to Marvel Studios, and the respective owners. No infringement intended.

Fandom: Marvel

Continuity: Cable and Deadpool, ‘Enema of the State’ (#15-18) AU

Characters: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Nathan Summers/Cable

Warnings: None

Summary: In which, Cable decides to save the world. 

Author’s Note: Prequel to In Grace.


Also, somewhat related, this song. 'I Saved the World Today', Eurythmics (I just wanted to share it because it’s awesome and whatever.)



Providence was silent.


This, in and of itself, was only somewhat unsettling, only deserving a footnote in an already bonkered day, but it caught Wade off guard nonetheless. The air was heavy, still, so thick with a dormant power that it almost felt solid. It was becoming ever more difficult to breathe in the further into Providence he got, each inhalation settling like oil in his lungs. Sound didn’t seem to carry, not even the scuffle of his boots on the stairs, or the creak of his gloves as he readjusted his grip on his gun. Only the hallway lights were on in all the island, otherworldly and blue, throwing his shadow on all sides.


He didn’t bother skulking through the shadows; Nate knew he was here, had let him in through his telekinetic barrier even though he must have realized, must have seen Wade hop off the SHIELD transporter onto the landing pad of Providence. He knew why they had sent Deadpool there and he didn’t try to stop him and, despite it all, that was a little too freaky in Wade’s mind. After all, Nate had never shown any extreme disinclination to send Wade on a one-way trip to orbit whenever Deadpool had stepped on the messiah head-trip before.  And it was just so damn quiet.


Wade hummed the theme from X-Files under his breath, just to be an ass.


He supposed it was a bit of an insult and a privilege; after all, Nate had not hesitated in the slightest to send Captain America and the Avengers flying as soon as they came in range. But Deadpool was welcome, because Deadpool was a good boy and refrained from tossing grenades at the civilians and Wade wouldn’t just up and shoot Nate in the head just because Nick Fury asked real nice and there were a hell of a lot of zeros after that nine. Oh, my, no.


There were two Cables in his life, and only one had Nick at Nite and Bea Arthur. It really wasn’t a contest.


Grinning as he reached the top of the stairs, only a hallway away from Nate’s personal balcony, Wade cocked his gun obnoxiously and drew in a deep breath.


“Oh Priiiissy, I’m hooooome!”


He waited with something approaching expectancy for a psychic backlash or an explosion centering on his skull or just a little gruff laugh, slipped out before his lips could catch it. Naturally, nothing happened. The lights remained blue, the walls didn’t move, and he wasn’t going to just turn around and go home because they’d taken a few hits for each other. He knew right from wrong, and this was, he was at least sixty percent certain, strongly in the category of morally wrong. What is megalomania, Alex, for two hundred.


Wade casually strolled to Nate’s room, shoving the door aside with a roll of his shoulder, finger slipping to the trigger mostly by habit. The room was just as quiet as outside, well-put together and organized with charming anal retentiveness, little knick-knacks and scattered curios sitting idle in their cabinets. “Nate? Naty-poo? Nate-oh-nana-bo-fana-fee-fi-fo-fana?”


There was a subtle vibration, a distinct warble to the air unique to telekinetics the world over, and Wade felt a portion of weighty attention suddenly placed upon him. He felt a nervous chill tingle through the nerves at the pads of his fingers, an almost electrical urge to shoot first and ask later, and swaggered outside like there was not something terribly fucked up about this whole thing. "You got some 'splainin' to do."


“Wade. I’m glad you’re here for this.”


Craning back his head, Wade watched Cable descend from on high, wreathed in light and a fresh sheen of sweat on his bare chest, a testament to effort Wade had never really seen before. He smiled exhaustedly, reaching up like he might have put his hand on Wade’s shoulder but thought better of it, and turned to the sea, and the hulking ships that swayed in the distance.  He looked proud, folding his hands behind his back and standing at the edge of the balcony, watching the SHIELD helicarrier hover out over the assembled navies of the world, impotent as the clouds. “It’s going to be beautiful.”


Deadpool didn’t follow after him. “Yeah, ‘bout that,” he began, with enough cheek to make it seem like situation normal, “Guys up top aren’t too happy with the Rule the World routine. And, jeez, Nate, I thought you had some class. You could at least try something original. Like taking over Wisconsin. Nobody wants Wisconsin anyways.” He made himself grin, shrugging like it didn’t matter. “Heck, I’ll help you.”


“They sent you to stop me,” It wasn’t a question. He sounded… worn-out? Displeased? Uncertain? It was always hard to tell when Nate went 'all-knowing' and got his head all inflated.


“Yup,” Wade replied brightly despite an overwhelming urge to punch Cable in the face, lifting his rifle in a gesture that was just on this side of threatening. “Getting paid time and a half for this little fiasco. But I figure, I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt and let you come quietly. So, why don’t you just be a pal and put all those shields down before I start breaking heads?”


Nate didn’t seem inclined to hear him, contemplatively tilting his head to glance at Wade over his human shoulder. “Because you’re the only person I would let in. I’m surprised they couldn’t see what I am doing is the only way, the right way. I told them, I explained, but they attacked me.”


“They’re Avengers. It’s what they do,” The rifle edged up, the butt coming to rest on Wade’s shoulder. “Come on, Nate. Stop it.”


“They protect the world. They should have been on my side,” Nate bowed his head, hurt of all things, and walked along the beside the railing, a taunting, glowing target from the far flung ships.  They were all probably watching, with spy satellites and snipers and their attention was a weight Wade couldn't shake.  After all, it wasn't every day Captain freaking America asked you to go save the earth from what may or may not be your best bud. Oh, yeah, no pressure.


“I suppose it was to be expected, with their linear thinking. Their opposition is ultimately of no great concern.”


The ground seemed to shudder without moving, the waves below kicking up higher, white foam striking against the barrier Cable had created. Wade staggered back, something sharp pushing against him, his mental walls, and felt Cable catch him with telekinesis, like a friendly hand pressed between his shoulder blades. It was more intimate than he wanted, at the moment, a reminder of what was best left alone.


“I am right.”


Wade snorted, shaking off the psychic hand and stalking around behind Cable’s back, something half-formed and dangerous in the way he moved. “Hate to break it to ya, bud, but as of the moment you’re public enemy number one. And, much as your mug shot amuses me, I hate playing second fiddle, and you're making a lot of folk real antsy. I'm only gonna say this once: stop dicking around and back off before this gets ugly.”


Nate seemed honestly surprised, turning on his heel. He held out both hands, to embrace or protest or plead, and took a step toward Deadpool. Almost anguished, he spoke with a softness that was all wrong, twisted, “Don't you understand? I’m saving the world.” Something brushed Wade’s jaw gently, more a suggestion of a touch than anything, as insubstantial as thought, and that familiar, sharp ache rose up in Wade’s mind again.


Wade skipped back, rifle snapping up, his eye lining with the scope, dead center on Nate’s face, his glowing eye, and it was completely off, like he was going sideways. “I’m not stupid, Nate. I mean, I’m stupid, but I’m not stupid.”


A tense moment came and went, and Nate’s expression twisted.


“It has already worked for Providence. Is it so wrong to want peace? To make everyone happy? To make everything better?” He ran a hand through his hair agitatedly, belatedly showing his cards before he could catch himself.  Collecting himself despite the slip, he rubbed his T-O arm absently, like it was a wound or something to be placated. “We were on the brink of war. I am merely averting disaster. I am right. Why can’t you see that?”


“See, it’s that ‘make’ word I’m having the problem with. You can’t make the world do anything,” Wade spat from behind the comfort of a gun, knowing if he was going to take the shot he would have already done it.


Cable smiled.


“Can’t I?” The glow around him intensified, and he drifted upward, above Wade and Providence and anything approaching morality, facing out into the world, the terrible world he was making and why wasn’t Wade shooting yet? The air shuddered again, becoming thicker, oppressive, and the ships on the horizon began rocking frenziedly back and forth, heaving desperately against the ocean.


“Get down, Nate.”


Mildly, Nate glanced down at him, more amused than anything. “Why?”


Get down, goddamnit!” His finger squeezed down, not enough, not enough, entire arm shaking, and, God if he didn’t stop it, stop this bullshit right now, he was going to—to—


“Are you going to stop me? You’d have to kill me. I’m not sure if you can.”


“What do you—” Wade broke off, breathing hard. Just a little more pressure and… what? Watch the bullet bounce off of Nate like a putz? Did he have a shield up around himself? Or was he already pushed to his absolute limits – would he go down? Either way was a bad way, a lose-lose not matter how he spun it, and he hated it when things couldn’t be solved with a good slug to the head and a witty one-liner. “This isn’t right.”


“Isn’t it?” Cable convulsed, grimacing, then forced that small, oh-so-superior curve back to his lips. “Providence was the small-scale, the test. I am confident I can do this. All the world needs is a guiding hand.”


“Whose hand? Your hand? What makes you so qualified?” Giving up the ghost, Wade let his rifle fall down to his side, jabbing upward with his free hand accusingly. “I don’t see you sporting a résumé with ‘management skills’ on it.”


“I know what the world needs,” Cable grunted, licking his lips, quivering with the strain of it.


“You don’t. Nobody does. You can’t save the world like this. It’s not—it’s not supposed to be like—it’s not right.”


Hissing through his teeth, Cable made a curt gesture, a flick of his fingers and suddenly Wade was in the air, feet kicking uselessly for the ground. “Please, don’t try to play at morality now, Wade. You’ve never been so concerned before, and you know what it’s like out there. How bad it has gotten. Are you saying world peace is so terrible? Helping people? Ending prejudices?”


“No—yes! Not like this! The world’s just fine all back asswards – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that garbage.”


Cable closed his eyes, and if it were anyone else, Wade would say he was close to crying, screaming, and Nate whispered, “Can’t you see? It is broken. It’s all broken,” and flinched, blood starting pour from his nose, his mouth. His eyes rolled back until it was just the broken blood vessels and the white, his back arching in a pained curve. “I—I have to.”


Floundering with the air like he was treading water, Wade strained for him, to shake him or strangle him, he wasn’t really sure which. “Nate, stop. Stop.”


“It will be better, Wade. Just watch. I will make everything better,” Nate jerkily turned his head, and his eyes were full of kindness, earnest and warm when they didn’t have any right to be. “Please… just watch.”


Wade made a low, conflicted sound, that sharp ache rising again, in his head, all around, everything going still.


He looked at Nate, and let the world go away.

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hohaiyee: a touch of lifehohaiyee on June 25th, 2009 11:11 am (UTC)
...but is it really so bad?
I remember reading that arc, and I really liked that AU. I really liked the mother and her child and her reading the story to her child, "How may I help you help your friend". They weren't like zombies. Yes, it's probably unethical to remove the bad thoughts, but if you do this for just ONE generation, sd that one generation of parents can raise their children without venom, the next generation of children could, with their free will, make the right choices.
burnedtoastyburnedtoasty on June 25th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)
Re: ...but is it really so bad?
On the one hand, I'm inclined to agree with the world peace. On the other, I do strongly believe that humanity is incapable, as a whole, of being completely peaceful with itself. It's just too diverse, and that's the lovely and horrifying thing about it. Small groups, yes, certainly, can breed such a culture. But large scale? That would take some doing, and a great deal of forcing/manipulation. And that would mean living to only one person's standards, in this case, Nate's, and, in canon, he has been shown to have a bit of egomania regarding his own opinion. What is right for him, or a few, is not necessarily right for /everyone/. If people could choose whether or not to live in his world, it might be a different story, but a dictator is a dictator, peaceful or well-intentioned as he may be.

Everyone's concepts and ideas are all different and flawed, and that's what it takes to live. Because if you just keep recycling the same ideas everywhere, and have no real argument or debate or bias or any of that... it sounds incredibly dull. What is one man's hell is another's heaven and all that.

That AU seemed very... still? Like everything had stopped, and, yeah, it was quiet and I'm sure it was nice for a while, but like a creek that's been habitated by a beaver, it will get stuck, and the ecosystem as it stood will die off and so on. Without conflict, in every sense of the word, which is the core of humanity, we stagnate. Plus the whole moral issue of forcing happiness is not being /really/ happy and all that jazz, but it is a tricky ethical question that that arc brought up. I'm sorta of two minds of it, really.

Anywho, now that I've rambled forever, I was mostly just trying to write from AU!Wade's perspective, using flavoring from the main-universe Wade and Mithras!arc Wade. He was incredibly biased against it when he encountered the brother Nathan reality, and you have to figure, when Cable pulled that stunt, the world leaders/SHIELD would view it as an attack (in a way it was), and would retaliate or at least try to stop him. Likely throwing the Avengers at him first, because who needs diplomacy when you've got Hulk? So it's kind of a case of unreliable/imperfect/biased narration on that account.

Sorry for yakking on like that.
hohaiyee: a touch of lifehohaiyee on June 26th, 2009 11:05 pm (UTC)
Re: ...but is it really so bad?
To each their own I guess. I'm working on a story set in that AU, that is pretty much the opposite of yours...and I might use it to answer the First Lady meme request. The way I see Nate is that he wants world peace, but not homogeny, I mean, he loves Wade after all, and he does relish the fight.

In my view of the granola AU, Deadpool is finally happy, he's happy he has a place in the world, and he's happy with his special privilege of raising a little hell nowandthen "So long as no civilians are killed or maimed..." My interpretation of why Deadpool reacted strongly to granola AU is that he was happy on Providence, before he got kicked out in A Murder In Paradise, and at the time of the tracking down Nate arc, he might believe he's still banished from Nate's life.

I think Deadpool can be happy in granola land, because he said, in the machine AU, that for a moment, it was kinda nice, with a wishful look on his face.

...and thank you for the song, it's very awesome and they should totally make a James Bond movie with it. Like, someone made a chemical that blocks certain parts of the brain, no more speaking, no more emotional, personal reactions, just bliss and day to day function. Like, open the movie with an action scene of that backfiring, like in Firefly, with psychotic people, then you get the Save the World song, and then M and James in a lab, awesome.

Have this song, it's by the awesome (though now CANCELED) Barenaked Ladies, and I think it's very fitting (I'm thinking of making a playlist to suit the series, and I think this is perfect for Burnt Offering, and I need to figure out where to stick Sarah Brightman's Eden which is perfect Nate/Wade;

It couldn't happen to a better man
It wouldn't happen with a better plan
While we were napping someone else began
To rule the world with love

It didn't happen to us overnight
Just 'cause it happened doesn't mean it's right
To our embarrassment we lost the fight
To rule the world with love

Hearts are won, empires fall
In love with love
Love will conquer all for one
One for all is fair in love and war

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy
You shouldn't ever have to question why
Just with the power of suggestion I
Could rule the world with love

I need to love you with an iron fist
I need to love you with a secret list
I need to love you til you don't exist
And rule the world with love

Love as defined by whom?

Hearts are won, empires fall
In love with love
Love will conquer all for one
One for all is fair in love and war
Love and war are one

How could it happen when we couldn't lose?
And now we're slapping makeup on the bruise
Though it was handed to us we refused
To rule the world with love

Love as defined by God!

Hearts are won, empires fall
In love with love
Love will conquer all for one
One for all is fair in love and war
Love and war are one
jazzypomjazzypom on June 25th, 2009 11:21 am (UTC)
Oh mannnn this is good
Your imagery is tremendous and I admire your skill in saying loads with a few well aimed words.

Also, your Wade cracks me up. Not everyone can write Wade's humour and have it sound like him you know?

The last two paragraphs are gold.
burnedtoasty: YAYburnedtoasty on June 26th, 2009 01:16 am (UTC)
Re: Oh mannnn this is good
Thanks much! Heh, I just throw words at the screen and hope for the best. :) And, yeah, Wade seems like one of those... I wanna say, subjective characters? Like-- like in every comic he's still /Wade/ but a different Wade, an aspect of Wade? Moreso than other characters. It's like trying to pin a roadrunner with a toothpick sometimes.

I... I'm not sure where that analogy came from.
StormDragon: Xenosaga : KOS-MOS : 8Ostorm_dragoness on June 25th, 2009 07:01 pm (UTC)
I love this, quite frankly I don't believe world peace is even possible but I'll keep an open mind just in case that by some miracle it actually happens.

Great job~ :3

burnedtoastyburnedtoasty on June 26th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
Thank you. It's one of those tricky moral questions, but yeah, I'm kind of sitting more towards that camp. Like, I'd love to be all idealizing humanity but... we're kind of right bastards most of the time. D:
pensive1 on June 25th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
//There were two Cables in his life, and only one had Nick at Nite and Bea Arthur. It really wasn’t a contest.//

I love this fic :B

//Wade spat from behind the comfort of a gun, knowing if he was going to take the shot he would have already done it. //
Oh, Wade.

Cable was so creepy in this. Utterly mad.
burnedtoastyburnedtoasty on June 26th, 2009 01:18 am (UTC)
Cable TV is superior. It has both porn and NaN. There is no winning against that combo.
(Deleted comment)
asreal01asreal01 on June 26th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
Oh jeez this reads like one of those Marvel What If books. Man, Nate really is...unbelievable.

All that power, all that INTENTION. Poor Wade, so lost and confused on a good day, how he must have felt going against all of Nate's CERTAINTY.

On a shallow note: Cable descend from on high, wreathed in light and a fresh sheen of sweat on his bare chest=>HOT
burnedtoastyburnedtoasty on June 26th, 2009 01:21 am (UTC)
Nate is just confusing the heck out of the poor boy all throughout their relationship. Crazy mind-control, break ups, taking over the world, tentacle molestation...

Though he is a fine piece of Messiah/T-O ass, gotta say. Rawr.
(Deleted comment)
hyperactivator on June 29th, 2009 11:16 pm (UTC)
Nice questions and subtext.